Brusher Bailey Ed-Venture Series
has arrived and is ready to entertain and educate!

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Guru is more than just patient education software. With the addition of the all new Guru Connect Treatment Reminder System Guru now walks the practice and the patient through the discovery process of why they need to choose better care.

Increasing engagement on your website, welcoming patients in a distinctive way to your practice while raising their dental IQ, creating custom lobby presentation for your customers, chair-side clinical wizards, personalized treatment presentation for in the office and at home, as well as the ability to target and message to your patient base compelling visual presentations specific to their personal health history, Guru has developed a one of kind Patient Management System.

The result?

Our doctors are attracting more patients, delivering the care the patients should be saying yes to, and developing long lasting relationships with their patient base.

Tell me, and I will forget;
show me, and I may remember;
involve me, and I will understand.

Did you know?

People only remember 11% of what they hear, but about 83% of what they see.
A recent study conducted by the Wharton School of Business revealed that audiences found visual presentations to be 70% more persuasive.
It’s estimated that 90% of all case treatment plans that go untreated are a direct result of the patient’s lack of understanding.
Approximately 87% of all significant financial and health decisions are made at home with loved ones.

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Brusher Bailey Ed-Venture Series has arrived!

Brusher Bailey Ed-Venture Series is a comprehensive program developed by the creators of Guru to educate and entertain young patients by promoting the importance of good oral health in a fun and easy way.

Animated 3d Episodes:

Attack of the Biofilm
Seal the Deal
Power Brushing


Find the Difference
Word Search

Embed Online Games:

Plaque Whack
Power Brush Rush
Biofilm Attack

Patient Giveaways:

Brusher Bailey Toothbrush
Sebastian Floss

To purchase the Brusher Bailey Ed-Venture Series please call
1-888-331-GURU (4878) or visit


Guru is the link that helps create healthy patients and healthy practices!

New research has determined that there is a direct relationship between oral hygiene and systemic health.

  The Surgeon General reports that at least 80% of American adults have gum disease.
  93% of people with gum disease are at risk for diabetes.
  Harvard studies state that gum disease increases Pancreatic cancer and Kidney cancer risk by 62%.
  Pregnant women with gum disease have only a 1 in 7 chance of giving birth to a healthy child of normal size.

Guru bridges the gap by helping Doctors teach better and therefore helping patients to make better, more informed decisions for their oral and systemic health.

How are you presenting your treatment plans?

How do you track your acceptance rate?

  In a recent Clinicians Report, Gordon Christensen stated that 50% of a dental practice’s revenue comes from elective procedures.
  Recent studies show that the nationwide acceptance rate on ALL proposed treatment plans is only 30-40%.
  A recent user survey revealed that with Guru the treatment plan acceptance increases on average by 27.83%
  Some heavy users of Guru even saw an increase of treatment plan acceptance by 90%.

Educated patients choose up in their dental care.

To purchase Guru please call 1-888-331-GURU (4878).

To purchase the Brusher Bailey Ed-Venture Series please call

1-888-331-GURU (4878)


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